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zDrLady - Dr.ADama

• Internationally Renowned Educational Specialist and Business Generalist.
• Vice President of USA based International
• With over 20 years of international education experience & 20 years of business experience.
• Well rounded in Business & Education to bring stability to Academics and Operations alike, for a better Learning Environment to develop Higher Achieving Students.
• Business & Education Consulting.
• Expert in STEAM and Art & Design
• Founder of the STEAM & Montessori Integration.
• Innovator of the 3R STEM System.
• Designer of unique academics for children of all ages.
• Creator of the STEAM integration with the Montessori curriculum
• STEAM & other Educational Toys & Curriculum.
• Creator of "The Company", "Finance Wiz Kids" and "Kid's Powered Stock Exchange".
• Researcher, Globally Published Author, and Papers.
• Consultant, Lecturer, Academic Structure Designer & Curriculum Developer.
• Experienced in K-12 education including EYFS, Reggie, IB PYP, DP, and AP, A-Level
• Holding a Bachelors in Education, MBA & PhD
• Extended education attended Universities such as Harvardx, MITx, John Hopkins, etc.
• Web designer, Graphics.
• Video creation and filming.
• Marketing specialist for Business & Education.
• - Founder & Chairman.
• GWIC Vice President in Guangzhou, China.
• XChange Group, Social Zone and Asia Konnect Founder.
• Life-Long Learner with child-centered philosophy.