READ & LOOK AT ALL BELOW! Very Important Information is here but LOOK.
This is a simple blog and we can not organize better at this time so REVIEW ALL ARTICLES or Try Page Search to find if the information you want is here. 
AS best as possible were updating this information. If you need help, contact us directly.  All the information is here.  Understand we lost most volunteers so we are short-staffed with volunteers in Wuhan and China.

STAY HOME for 14 days in CHINA
Once you go out you risk possible exposure to the VIRUS and NOT Enough is know yet. We will update the REAL Information from Doctors & Hospital in CHINA !!!.  Look at WHO for more info. Be informed and stay safe!
FOOD & HELP BELOW.  INFORMATION FOR PPE AND SAFETY is also posted below. Mental Health, Exercise, Immune System, PPE How to, and more READ.
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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Please concern yourself with containment, hygene and education for yorself and focus.

Media stop interviews unless you are seeking supplies and aid for China and your country etc.  Focus on message also.

Video for now stop sharing unless you explain that is you and where you are and this is just your experience !!!!   People want to know so..

if you chosse the STOP RUMORS, DONT CREATE RUMOR BY MISTAKE and Clarify where you are and that is jsut your situation and that people in other areas even 1 km away have another story good or bad or in the middle.  Focus on Truth. 

People are curious i underastand and you are also trying to cope but realize we are in a foreign coutnry and need respect their rules, even ones we dont know. 

So be careful they do have a right to detain you, arrest you or never allow you back so take causion and care, please your videos could be huting and some could be helping us !!!

We take our chances and make deals with the devel to get us supplies and aid to other so we do as needed. BUT we willnever try to spread fake new and lies and we hope always do the right things.

So please be careful and resepctful this is not a movie and this i snot a joke !

Thank you

The Wuhan Warriors

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